Where it all began


Your Babiie - Where it all began

Celebrating 6 years of bringing color and fashion to the baby gear market!

For 10 years, we were busy supplying some of the UK’s most prestigious and popular retailers with “white label” baby gear, manufactured in a selection of the world’s premier, specialist factories, for the retailers to sell as their own brands.

My Babiie at Mothercare

These award-winning baby products ranged from high price point “premium” lines, all the way through to “entry price point” items across strollers, high chairs, playards, cribs, and all sorts of accessories.

We had a clear view of the best-selling items, and why they sold. We understood the product features the consumers were expecting at all different price points, the importance of safety and quality at all levels, the best facilities to get products made, and the key considerations of parents when making their buying decisions.

Across our team, we also started having kids ourselves, so this all became even more real as we were now the consumers as well as the suppliers!

We could see where the gaps were in the market and where these retailers weren’t able to go, because they needed to stay “on brand”. No matter how exciting the ideas were that our talented team of designers showed them, we found the label always ended up making (very) conservative design choices!

So... Armed with our amazing in-house design capabilities, a clear target consumer that we felt wasn’t that well catered for, and a vision that baby gear can be fun, fashion-forward and a statement - as well as being safe, high quality, good value, and packed full of features - we launched our first brand in the UK in 2014 called ‘My Babiie’.

Fast-forward 6 years... and, with the help of our celebrity range collaborations, we have grown into a social powerhouse and one of the largest baby gear brands by volume in the UK, producing eye-catching, on-trend and affordable products.

My Babiie High Chair

Across our core team today, we are all parents and between us we have 24 kids (and counting!) and this experience is everything!

Our knowledge and understanding has grown, our standards have remained super high, and our “why?” has remained exactly the same. We make products that are influenced by the style of the celebrity moms we collaborate with, and we know our customers will love them because, as parents ourselves, we love them too!

In Summer 2020, on the back of 18 months of consumer research from our office in California, we are launching a new brand specifically for the USA, called ‘Your Babiie’. 

Your Babiie responds directly to the current ‘affordable luxury’ gap in the US market. As you will already know, baby gear retailers’ shelves are totally packed full of plain (dull!) colors - black and greys, with the occasional accent of red, blue, brown or dark green! So, with all of our experience behind us, we are working with influential celebrity moms from the USA to design their own ranges with us and tell their personal story through them, standing out with on-trend designs on proven high quality, high performing, innovative, ASTM-certified products, while at the same time bringing well-needed bright colors and fashion to the USA baby gear marketplace! 

Your Babiie is about you, we, us - all living our best life and having the most positive impact.

We are so excited with what the next chapter has in store for us, and we can’t wait to share our plans with you!

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