Design your own products!

Here at Your Babiie we want to celebrate everything about you, your talents, your goals, your dreams and inspirations, by creating products that tell your story to the rest of the world.

Your Babiie competitions are voted for on Instagram. The below explains why it is important to follow our page ​

How this works

  • When our competition launches our Head of Design will release templates via download.
  • You will be asked to submit your name and email address via a form to receive the template files.
  • We then have 2 weeks of excitement as designs come flooding in to​ *
  • Our team will then enjoy going through all submitted designs ** and posting snippets of some of the ones they receive before voting begins. During this time, our Creative Director whittles down the entrants to 6 finalists for the competition.
  • On a set day, entries for the competition will finish, and voting will begin for the 6 finalists. When voting begins, our Instagram moves to Private Account status for 3 days ​so only those following us can vote on the competition entries (make sure you follow @yourbabiieofficial).
  • Once the voting period ends, a competition winner will be announced, and the prize awarded. We then start the exciting part of delivering Your Babiie.

*Please do not direct message us your entries through social media
**You can enter multiple times but only one entry will be selected per person.

What you can WIN!

  • $500 / £400 Cash advance
  • Earn an ongoing income!
  • Design 2 Travel Systems and one Diaper Bag!
  • Earn money from your designs for 2 years!
  • Be a part of the product launch and photoshoot with your own Glam Squad

Our Latest Competition

 Competition Launches 24th February 2020
Entries Close 11th March 2020
Voting Shortlist Announced
Instagram Page goes on Lockdown
13th March 2020
Voting Closes Midnight (PST) 15th March 2020

How to Start

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