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Your Warranty Covers

  • All Your Babiie strollers & high chairs.
  • All parts except inflatable tires, inner tubes and rain covers.
  • We endeavour to hold fabric and coordinating components for the duration of the warranty period. If specific colors are not available then a coordinating fabric will be used. Fabrics may fade and discolour slightly during normal use and we cannot guarantee that replacements will be an exact match to original components.
  • Where a spare is uneconomical, Your Babiie will offer a replacement product. Your Babiie may inspect the product and verify fault before offering a spare, replacement or refund. In the event of your stroller being damaged due to the use of other brand stroller platforms (buggy boards) this will invalidate the warranty.


This Warranty does not cover

  • Failure to follow the Your Babiie user guide and maintenance instructions.
  • Damage caused by non domestic use.
  • General wear and tear, for example: worn wheels, damaged rain covers, worn/torn fabric.
  • Deliberate damage, misuse or neglect.
  • Product which has been modified, undergone an unauthorised repair or used a non approved spare part.
  • Cosmetic damage.
  • Parts subject to normal wear and tear, foam handles, rubber elements of wheels, signs of fabric wear.
  • Loss incurred as a result of not being able to use a product whilst waiting for a spare part or repair.
We can provide spare parts for damages which fall outside the scope of the warranty. Prices are quoted on an individual basis. Please contact for more details.
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